‘Ba ga Maloma (family Maloma!)!’ I shout as I approach the kitchen door. This has been my signature greeting to family Maloma. It is a family of five the mother, Mma Maloma, as I like to call her, lives with her two children and two grandchildren. In total, she has four children and five grandchildren. Her other two daughters have moved out to start their own life. One of the latter has asked Mma Maloma to take care of her two daughters.

I come to know the family through Mma Maloma’s son, Germany is 21 years old. Yes, his name is Germany and not France. Germany started to attend church in 2018. One of the young men invited him for a youth bible study and ever since he has found a new family. Germany and her sister helps a lot with the church activities e.g church admin; Kids Bible Club etc.

Moitheri who is 23 years old lost her job to due to the pandemic. It has been hard for the mother and her two children are unemployed. Although the two children are planning to further their studies next year, they can only do that part-time because they need employment to help their mother but also to cover their needs. Mma Maloma like many mothers in our church does not qualify for social grants from the government. In short, she is not yet 60 years old.

Thus we are thankful for the support we can give through the shopping vouchers. This is a Corona relief program that our brothers and sisters from Holland are sponsoring. The project started a few months earlier by our local churches and also individual members, who opened their hearts to give in this difficult period. We have coved close to 60 families in both Nellmapius and Soshanguve F4. We also tried to share this generosity with people who are not members and those who left the church in the past. We believe that this is the time to show the love of Christ all the more and especially to those in God’s household.

Although there is an easing of the curfew and a seemingly small economic resurgent there are many families like the Maloma who are still reaping the consequences of Covid19. It will take more to alleviate the status quo but we are thankful for such generosity. It is a grand gesture; praise be to God.